Let’s Build an Ice Rink in Southern Kentucky

Over the past few years, the Nashville Predators have been very public about expressing their interest in building more ice rinks within a 100 mile radius of Nashville, and our elected government officials are very aware of this opportunity. We just have to push them to make it happen.

The benefits of local permanent ice rink

If a permanent ice rink is built here in Southern Kentucky, it will maximizes the well-being of the entire community by offering various programs such as figure skating, recreational skating, hockey leagues, broomball, curling, trade shows, private parties and special on and off ice events. It will also contribute to the overall economic health of the entire community by increasing tourism for tournaments and entertainment.

In addition to the marketable entertainment and recreational value a rink offers, there is also significant benefit with the opportunity for new employment in the community. A community skating center will provide many jobs for professional adults as instructors and management, as well as part-time entry-level jobs for the younger residents. The following is a list of jobs available at a typical skating rink:

  • Manager: Responsible for overall general management of day-to-day activities at the facility.
  • Assistance Manager: Responsible for assisting the Manager in running the facility.
  • Program/School Director: Responsible for designing, implementing and directing all skating programs and classes.
  • Shift Manager: Responsible for managing the staff and rink activities assigned to her/him during a specific work shift.
  • Sport Shop Supervisor: Responsible for management of the Sport Shop and its employees. Includes monitoring finances, merchandise etc.
  • Outside Sales Representative: Responsible for the selling of skating time to interested parties, such as school groups, hockey leagues, broomball teams, and for any other special event, as well as promoting the rink and any other events and programs associated with the facility.
  • Administrative Assistant/Office Manager: Responsible for secretarial and office duties such as personnel records, payroll, basic bookkeeping, check book for C.O.D. payout, monitoring of office supplies, etc.
  • Skate Guard: Responsible for cleanliness around the rink, the handing-out and return of skate rentals, as well as maintaining orders on the rink floor during public sessions.
  • Maintenance: Responsible for repairs and maintenance around the facility.
  • Security: Responsible for the overall safety and security of guests, employees and the facility. 
  • Disc Jockey: Responsible for coordination of the musical accompaniment at public and special skating sessions.
  • Hostess/Host: Responsible for all aspects of a pre-scheduled birthday party event.
  • Cashier/Receptionist: Responsible for answering phones and directing calls, the collection of admission and/or rentals fees, as well as fees for classes, private lessons and whatever else the rink may be charging for.

Parents will love it

Building an ice rink in Southern Kentucky provides a safe, entertaining, and recreational activity for people of all ages. Parents are always in search of safe and economical alternatives to keep their children busy. A family oriented rink can serve as one of those alternatives.

Unlike a shopping mall, which has become the traditional place for adolescents to gather, a skating rink provides continual supervision and stresses the importance of safety. A local rink will become the place for planned social events like birthday parties, or a post-hockey game get-together.

Teenagers and younger children will meet their friends at the rink to spend the day skating, with parents cash-in-hand for use at the snack bar and vending machines. This is the time when certain children, showing particular interest would be urging their parents to enroll them in a hockey or figure skating classes.

Additional Benefits

SOCIAL benefits; Recreational ice skating is an activity that provides excellent opportunities for people of all ages to meet and socialize. Your rink can be a popular and fun gathering place for single adults, parents, children and teenagers, to meet new friends and “hang out” with old ones. From parents gathering to watch their children play a junior league game of hockey, to teenagers and children enjoying a public session that features their favorite music, your rink programs will cater to anyone’s tastes.

RECREATIONAL benefits; Ice skating is an activity that offers a very wide range of recreational options and advantages. It is something that can be enjoyed by an individual, or a group year-round. It is healthful, artistic, challenging, and entertaining, either for the avid professional, or the recreational skater.

SAFETY benefits; Both skating and hockey are rated as two of the safest sports. This may be difficult to believe, however, because of the potential for hazard the equipment that is required for these sports is very durable and extremely protective, thus increasing awareness and safety. As well, a skating rink is typically a secured area where parents can feel at ease leaving their children unattended in, as opposed to other popular “hang outs” like shopping malls and amusement parks.

ECONOMICAL benefits; During times of economic depression, the recreation and entertainment industries suffer very little, if at all. Many people will choose a fun day of skating at the local rink over spending more in an amusement park or meandering aimlessly in a mall or park.

EMPLOYMENT opportunities; A family skating center will provide many local jobs for the people of the community. It is the perfect first job for a young adult who is just entering the workforce. Management positions are an alternative for an older adult who may be tired of their previous job, or for those who had retired early. This is advantageous because with local residents working in your rink, their friends and relatives are more likely to choose to frequent your establishment at the chance of seeing their favorite rink employee. As well, they will have an inside to information on all upcoming rink events and programs.

COMMUNITY benefits; A rink will draws people from many miles away, in nearby communities, as far away as 60 miles and even more if there is a special event. This makes city strangers, as well as the uneducated resident, aware of other services and sights your neighborhood has to offer, which in turn creates more business for the whole community.

Show Your Support

Sign the petition and show our newly elected officials your support for building an ice rink in Southern Kentucky to promote sports, tourism, and family oriented activities that are affordable and accessible to everyone.